SCA Analog High Performance Differential 1-axis Inclinometer

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Product Information

The SCA103T Series is a 3D-MEMS-based single axis inclinometer family that uses the differential measurement principle. The high calibration accuracy combines extremely low temperaturedependency, high resolution and low noise together with a robust sensing element design, to make the SCA103T an ideal choice for high accuracy leveling instruments. The Murata inclinometers are insensitive to vibration due to having over damped sensing elements plus they can withstand mechanical shocks of 20000 g.
  • Platform leveling and stabilization
  • Rotating laser levels
  • Leveling instruments
  • Construction levels

SCA103T Block Diagram



Measuring ranges 15 SCA103T-D04 and 30 SCA103T-D05
0.001 resolution (10 Hz BW, analog output)
Sensing element controlled over damped frequency response (-3dB 18Hz)
Robust design, high shock durability (20000g)
Excellent stability over temperature and time
Common mode error and noise reduction using the differential measurement principle
Single +5 V supply
Ratiometric analog voltage outputs
Digital SPI inclination and temperature output
Comprehensive failure detection features
True self test by deflecting the sensing elements proof mass by electrostatic force.
Continuous sensing element interconnection failure check.
Continuous memory parity check.
RoHS compliant
Compatible with Pb-free reflow solder process


SCA103T Datasheet

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