Medium One Prototyping Sandbox with Nordic Thingy and Raspberry Pi 3 Kit

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This Kit includes a Nordic Thingy:52 IoT Sensor Kit and Raspberry Pi 3 board. The Kit shows users how to connect the Nordic Thingy to the Raspberry Pi via Bluetooth, where the Raspberry Pi then sends sensor data from the Nordic Thingy to the cloud over Ethernet or WiFi. The user can login to the Medium One Prototyping Sandbox, a cloud service with built-in tools, to visualize and analyze the data. 

This Kit steps users through creating a workflow that sends alerts to a mobile phone and an email when the pedometer in the Nordic Thingy detects steps have been taken. A workflow is one of the tools in the Sandbox that helps users create useful applications using their data. The kit is pre-configured to access a Medium One Sandbox account and has a ready-to-use username and password. Simply power up and plug in Ethernet. The kit can also be configured with WiFi (see the included instructions).

The kit includes a 1-year Medium One Prototyping Sandbox account with 20,000 daily events and workflow credits for up to 100 connected devices. After one year, the user can continue to use Medium One or simply export their data. 

Workflows: Develop python workflows to quickly turn this kit into a custom application or prototype. Implement an application using the Medium One cloud based IDE. Using workflows, quickly build logic to monitor device data without the hassle of maintaining a complex software stack. Using workflows, data can be transmitted back to devices, SMS alerts can be sent or Email reports can be built with embedded charts and more.

Dashboards: Create dashboards and analytics to visualize data and show off applications. The Medium One dashboards show real-time data coming from devices as line, bar or pie charts. Add maps to see device locations, or build buttons to send data back to each device for control.
Mobile App: Using Medium One's iOS and Android app, build simple mobile app dashboards and controls to exchange data between devices. Using the mobile app, communicate with devices (via the Sandbox) and receive push notifications from the Workflows. The Medium One mobile app adds a mobile element to any IoT prototype.


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