XY-Dual Axis Accelerometer

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The SCA1000 accelerometer consists of two silicon bulk micro machined sensing element chips and a signal conditioning ASIC. The chips are mounted on a pre-molded package and wire bonded to appropriate contacts. The sensing elements and ASIC are protected with silicone gel and lid. The sensor has 12 SMD legs (Gull-wing type).

Symmetry Electronics is an authorized Murata distributor.


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Single +5V supply
Two ratiometric analog outputs in relation to supply voltage (Vdd = 4.75....5.25V)
Wide load driving capability
Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) compatible
Provides digital output for both channels
Supports testing and programming
Non-volatile programming features
Factory programmable filter settings ( 400Hz, 1 kHz, WB, Ext_C )
Offset and sensitivity calibration
Linear temperature compensation
Enhanced failure detection features
True self test by deflecting the sensing elements proof mass by electrostatic force. Deflection voltage is adjustable with two memory bits for both channels. The self-test is channel specific, and separately activated for both channels by digital on-off commands via dedicated pins or via SPI bus.
Continuous sensing element interconnection failure check

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