Accelerometer 4G Analog/SPI 12SMD

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The SCA1000-N1000070 is a 3D-MEMS-based dual axis accelerometer that enables tactical grade performance for Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs) operating in tough environmental conditions. The measuring axes of the sensor are parallel to the mounting plane and orthogonal to each other. Wide measurement range and bandwidth, low repeatable temperature behavior, low output noise, together with a very robust sensing element and packaging design, make the SCA1000-N1000070 the ideal choice for challenging inertial sensing applications.

SCA1000-N1000070 is targeted to inertial sensing applications with high stability and tough environmental requirements. Typical application include:
• Avionics
• Navigationand guidanceinstruments
• Platform stabilization
• Vibration monitoring
• Oil&Gas surveyingand drilling
• Train and Rail industry

Symmetry Electronics is an authorized Murata distributor.


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Measurement range 4g
Measurement bandwidth 115Hz
Low noise ratiometric analog voltage outputs
Excellent bias stability over temperature and time
Digital SPI temperature output
Comprehensive failure detection features
o True self test by deflecting the sensing element's proof mass with electrostatic force.
o Continuous sensing element interconnection failure check.
o Continuous memory parity check.
RoHS and lead free soldering process compliant
Robust design, high shock durability(20000g)

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