MultiConnect® Conduit™ IP67 Base Station

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The MultiConnect® Conduit™ IP67 Base Station is a ruggedized IoT gateway solution, specifically designed for outdoor LoRa® public or private network deployments. The product can operate in two modes: standard and geolocation. The standard product operates as a 16-channel, full duplex gateway, supporting both packet-forwarder and built-in network server modes. The geolocation product is based on the Semtech v2.1 reference design, which uses the LoRaWAN™ protocol to perform Time Difference of Arrival (TDoA) calculations to deliver end-node location information in conjunction with a v2.1 LoRa Network Server. This technology provides asset location information that enables a variety of use cases, services and business models that GPS limitations cannot support.

The upgradeable FPGA on the LoRa processor allows customers to deploy in standard operation today for existing LoRaWAN network needs and remotely upgrade to geolocation operation as business needs change. There is no need to send a technician to site to change mode of operation. It can support thousands of LoRaWAN certified end nodes natively, including the MultiConnect® mDot™ and xDot™, without the need for additional hardware or software upgrades to the end nodes.

• Full duplex communication reduces time and costs of operational management of LoRa end devices
• Increased timing accuracy and Enhanced Security – all geolocation packets are fine timestamped and AES encrypted
• Existing LoRaWAN compliant end nodes can utilize geolocation without extra hardware or software costs
• GPS-free geolocation reduces complexity of locating LoRaWAN end devices

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Semtech v2.1 design is Geolocation enabled by partnering with a v2.1 LoRa
Network Server
Operates as a 16-channel gateway in standard or geolocation operation; 64-channel upgrade option for both
Certified for Europe 868 MHz and North American 915 MHz ISM bands
Standard operation supports 1PPS packet timestamp; geolocation operation supports finer packet timestamp

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