Field Output Hall Effect Magnetic Position Sensors

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The Si7211 family of Hall-effect sensors from Silicon Labs combines a chopper-stabilized Hall element with a low-noise analog amplifier, 13-bit analog to digital converter. After A/D conversion the magnetic field data is available in analog. PWM or SENT format (depending on the part number). Leveraging Silicon Labs' proven CMOS design techniques, the Si7211 family incorporates digital signal processing to provide precise compensation for temperature and offset drift.

Compared with existing Hall-effect sensors, the Si7211 family offers industry-leading sensitivity and low noise, which enables use with larger air gaps and smaller magnets. For automotive applications, the Si7211 family in SOT23 packages is AEC-Q100 qualified.

In the simplest case, the Si7211 devices are offered in a 3 pin SOT23 or TO92 packages with power, ground, and a single output pin that is signal corresponding to the magnetic field in analog, PWM, or SENT format.

The Si7211 devices are also offered in a 5 pin SOT23 and an 8 pin DFN (coming soon) packages where the additional pins can be used for sleep mode (DIS) or to activate an on-chip coil for built in self-test (BISTb).

• Mechanical position sensing in consumer, industrial and automotive applications
• Camera image stabilization, zoom, and autofocus
• Fluid level sensing
• Control knobs and selector switches

Symmetry Electronics is an authorized Silicon Labs distributor.


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High-sensitivity Hall-Effect Sensor
Low noise output corresponding to magnetic field
Integrated digital signal processing for temperature and offset drift compensation
Low 50 nA Typical Sleep Current Consumption
Configurable Sensitivity, Output Polarity and Sample Rate
Sensitivity Drift < 3% Over Temperature
Wide power supply voltage
1.7 to 5.5 V
3.3 to 26.5 V
AEC-Q100 Qualified for Automotive
Configurable output options
Industry-Standard Packaging
Surface-mount SOT-23 (3 or 5 pin)
TO92 package
DFN package (coming soon)

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