WTS7270 Waterproof LTE Vertical Blade Antenna

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The WTS7270 Waterproof LTE Vertical Blade Antenna rated for IP66 is ideal for fixed and mobile applications where a terminal antenna is mounted outdoors.

The WTS7270 Waterproof LTE Vertical Blade Antenna from EAD is a waterproof, IP66-rated, vertical blade antenna for 4G/LTE applications direct terminal mounting. Residing on products such as routers, modems, security systems and wireless access solutions, the WTS7270 antenna is durable and robust and is terminated in a ruggedized SMA-Male connector.

The antenna offers 1 dBi gain across the cellular frequency bands from 690-2700 MHz and has an overall length of 191mm. Based on its build quality, the WTS7270 waterproof LTE vertical blade antenna is a superior outdoor terminal mount antenna solution to other terminal antennas that do not have true waterproof capability.

A multi-position version (non-waterproof) of this antenna is available, it is the WTR7270.

A TNC-Male connector version is also available.

The formal part number for the WTS7270 is FWTS35361-SM-ST.

Symmetry Electronics is an authorized Embedded Antenna Design distributor.


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Groundplane Independent
Covers LTE, 4G, 3G and cellular bands
IP66 Ingress Protection rating
Ideal for fixed and mobile outdoor terminals


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