System Development Tool for DHAN

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The DECT-ULE System Development Tool provides wireless IoT system designers with the tools to access DECT-ULE connectivity. The USB Dongle is the DECT-ULE Hub which incorporates a complete DECT-ULE firmware stack. It plugs in to a Windows or Linux PC where the Application SW resides and interacts with Dongle FW via an intuitive protocol. The DHAN-J Expansion Board is the DECT-ULE Node (or Device). It conforms the Arduino R3 Connector scheme making it compatible with a number of popular 3.3V MCU development platforms (eg, STM32 Nucleo, Arduino M0, others). The Expansion Board presents an intuitive, DSP Group proprietary API to the Host Processor where the application runs. With this HW along with downloadable drivers, libraries and sample code, the developer can have a proof-of-concept system up and running in no time!

Symmetry Electronics is an authorized DSP Group distributor.


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Learning and Evaluation Tool for ULE
Quick Out-of-the-box experience with ULE functionality
A convenient tool for checking the range and power consumption performance of ULE
Starter Kit for Application SW Development on both Hub and Device sides of the link
Dongle is the DECT-ULE Hub. DU-EB is the ULE Dual-Mode Device based on the DHAN-J Module
The Dongle is plugged into a PC running the DSPG Test Application GUI (Windows only) or the using the HAN Client-Server command line tool
The DU-EB can be operated in one of two modes (as depicted above)
Accompanied by the CMND Simulator running on a PC (Windows)
Plugged into an Arduino R3 type development platform (like ST Nucleo or Arduino)
A baseline SW reference package called ULEasy is available for the STM32L4 processor

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System Development Tool for DHAN
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