[June 10-11] Join Us at Reality.2020--5G, IoT, and Cloud Technology Symposium

Reality.2020 is an online symposium bringing together product experts from the world’s leading electronic component suppliers to deliver real answers to the key design challenge of these revolutionary times: how do you make your next product do things it’s never had to do before? Gather data. Communicate. Measure, detect and act. These are the feature sets your customers are demanding and disruptive competitors are delivering.

Simple switches are being replaced with activating sensors. Cables and connectors are being replaced by antennas and networks, while high fidelity audio and HD video are expected in everything from telephones to doorbells.

How does this impact your design? Can the hardware actually deliver what your imagination can create? Manufacturing is thick with buzzwords these days – machine-to-machine communication, wireless connectivity, Industry 4.0 – Reality.2020 is the place where all that hype meets real world hardware.

Register Here: https://ttiinc.live/


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