Silicon Labs Webinar August 17th - Take Advantage of Bluetooth 5

This workshop is focused on exploring the new features and use cases of Bluetooth 5. 

  • 2x speed - Learn how battery life is extended by reducing the time spent sending/receiving 
  • 4x range - Learn to optimize a design for the range and speed of the application 
  • 8x data - Learn how the new advertisement sets improve beaconing 

In addition, we'll cover the new Bluetooth Mesh specification and how it improves on available solutions. We know you'll appreciate the benefits of Bluetooth 5 once you get your hands on it. 

75 percent of your time at the workshop will be centered on labs and demonstrations that help you comprehend the topics introduced in presentations. 

  • Get started with Simplicity Studio: Bluetooth Smart SDK, GATT editor, Energy Profiler, and network analyzer 
  • Integrate over-the-air capability to update firmware images
  • Use Bluetooth 5 configurations to demonstrate a long range sensor application
  • See how to commission Bluetooth low energy Mesh devices and monitor their mesh network communication

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