iC-SMxx is resistant to strong magnetic fields and not sensitive to external homogenous magnetic fields.
The amplitudes of the differential output voltages are largely independent of the magnetic field strength and thus not sensitive to changes in distance.

When the sensor is moved along a magnetic scale with a N/S pole pitch of 2-5 mm the two Wheatstone bridges generate differential sinusoidal output voltages (PSIN - NSIN) and (PCOS - NCOS) phase-shifted at 90°. One sine/cosine cycle averaged using a pair of N/S poles is thus produced for a pole width. The absolute magnetic field strength must be large enough for the sensor to go into saturation and for the magnetization of iC-SMxx’s resistor stripes to assume the direction of the outer magnetic fields.

iC-SMxx is a linear position sensor which operates on the AMR effect (anisotropic magneto resistance) and has been designed to work with magnetic scales which have a N/S pole pitch of 2-5 mm.

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