Lattice Semiconductor iCE40 Ultra / UltraLite - Size & power matter. The world’s smallest, lowest power, most integrated, most flexible mobile FPGAs.
Introduce customized killer features fast and efficiently – Accelerate innovation with 5x more hardened IP squeezed into a package 60% smaller than the competition.
Reduce power, without compromising performance – Extend battery life in compact, high functionality mobile platforms. iCE40 UltraLite requires 30% less power than the competition.
Free your designs from space constraints – Ultra small 1.4 mm X 1.4 mm X 0.45 mm WLCSP package remove all barriers to innovation and customization. Available in advanced 0.35 mm pitch package.
Example Solutions
Differentiate your products with "first time ever" features and reduce your BOM cost with mix and match capabilities from our mobile solutions portfolio.
Infrared remote transmit and receive with learning mode -
  • Infrared transmit and infrared receive capable.
  • IR Tx consumes roughly 350 LUTs, IR Rx roughly 400 LUTs.
  • Performs all necessary infrared PWM functions.
Barcode emulation for eCommerce capability -
  • Uses a standard LED to transmit bar code information.
  • Allows a check out scanner to read bar code data via LED.
  • Connects to an applications processor via SPI.
RGB LED indication and disco lighting -
  • Enables complete RGB LED control of the color, brightness, blinking and breathing rate of the RGB LED.
  • Available for a PC with Windows or a Mac.
Pedometer -
  • Enables complete pedometer functionality.
  • Hardware evaluation platform available.
  • Android drivers available for version 4.3 or higher.
I2C Expander -
  • Available for master and slave controllers.
  • Solutions less than 300 LUTs.
SPI Expander -
  • SPI master, slave, SPI to UART and more...
  • Expand, aggregate and bridge to other protocols.


  • Up to 4 K LUTs and key IP for IR, barcode, voice, USB Type-C, user ID, LEDs, pedometer, and more…
  • Programmable I2C & SPI interfaces
  • 48 MHz High Performance Oscillator, 10 kHz Low Power Oscillator
  • Three 24 mA Constant Current Sinks, up to 500 mA Constant Current Sink
  • Up to 26 I/O’s for customized interfaces
  • Up to 80 Kbits of Embedded Block RAM

iCE40 Ultra/UltraLite Resources

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Lattice Semiconductor Datasheet
Lattice Semiconductor iCE40 Ultra Product Brief
Lattice Semiconductor Product Brief
Lattice Semiconductor iCE40 UltraLite Product Brief
Lattice Semiconductor Product Brief

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