Symmetry Electronics is a factory authorized distributor of wireless video and embedded semiconductors and related products. We are dedicated to helping design engineers and procurement professionals easily select the products they need and find detailed information to help with the qualification process. If you can’t find what you are looking for, our factory-trained product experts are only a phone call or email away. Enjoy perusing our current product portfolio.


AMD embedded processors, Accelerated Processor Units (APU), and embedded Radeon™ graphics processors deliver outstanding graphics and parallel processing.

Averlogic Technologies

Multimedia network products, decoders, MPEG encoders, video converters, LCD/surveillance controllers, line/frame buffers.


USB and PCI audio processing solutions for USB audio peripheral applications including headsets, handsets, microphones, speakers, sound stations, sound cards.

DB Unlimited

DB Unlimited brings to bear the industry's largest and most comprehensive selection of audio components; delivering unrivaled services and support to customers and partners worldwide.


Single chip UWB transceiver, enabling precise indoor and outdoor positioning to within 10 cm and up to 6.8 Mbps of communication. Based on IEEE802.15.4- 2011

Digi International

DIGI International

DSP Group

DSP Group


DVDO's video processors give you the ultimate in video processing, video scaling, color calibration and more.

Embedded Antenna Design

Internal & external antennas for M2M, telemetry, monitoring applications such as GSM, Cellular, 3G, GPS, ISM (Bluetooth, Zigbee), WLAN and RFID.


Ethertronics combines high performance antenna solutions with world-class design centers for fast customer response times.

Fujitsu Electronics

8/16/32-bit Microcontrollers, FRAM, graphics display controllers, power management ICs, other computing and networking products.


Low power Wi-Fi modules with many options of provisioning for ease of connectivity.


GigaDevice is a leading provider of Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) devices.


Globalstar provides affordable and reliable mobile voice and data communications when beyond cellular services. We rely on our superior satellite network and excellent team members around the world to deliver quality products, services and peace of mi

Hirschmann Solutions

Satellite modems and antennas. Custom M2M and telematic solutions with multiple radios and multi- band antennas for industrial, automotive, tracking, metering, construction and agricultural markets.


Laser diode and line drivers, opto sensors, emitters and encoders, DC/DC converters, I/O circuits and interpolators.


motion tracking, optical image stabilization, location tracking and audio microphones


Remote communications wireless modules for the M2M marketplace.


Network enabling technology. Serial to ethernet connectivity, serial to 802.11, modular, embedded and boxed solutions.

Lattice (Silicon Image)

In March 2015, Lattice Semiconductor Corporation acquired Silicon Image. Silicon Image is a leading provider of multimedia connectivity solutions.

Lattice Semiconductor

HDMI/DVI transmitters, receivers & port processors, MHL, video scalars, deinterlacers, wireless uncompressed HD, storage controllers.


Highly integrated SoCs for IoT and other wireless applications.

Medium One

End-to-end IoT Platform to simplify your path to production


Micronas offers a variety of Hall sensors and embedded controllers for smart actuators for automotive and industrial applications.

Monolithic Power Systems

Monolithic Power Systems (MPS) provides highly energy efficient power solutions for industrial, telecom, cloud computing, automotive, and consumer applications.


Ready-to-deploy or integrate cellular and analog modems and device servers approved as end- solutions.


Murata is a global leader in the design, manufacture and supply of wireless modules, sensors, and timing products. Murata innovations can be found in a wide range of applications


IoT Automation Solutions (IAS), Intelligent Digital Security (IDS), Internet of Things(IoT), Interactive Signage Platform (ISP), & Mobile Computing Solutions (MCS)


Skywire Cellular modem solutions for 1xRTT, EVDO, HSPA+, LTE, GSM, GPRS applications.

Nordic Semiconductor

2.4GHz, 900Mhz, 433Mhz, BLE RF transmitters, transceivers and SoC for the consumer, medical, industrial, scientific and wireless audio markets.


Ethernet NIC / PHYs, Ethernet Controller, Audio Codecs, Audio Amplifiers, Wi-Fi AP/Router, Multimedia SoCs

Redpine Signals

WiFi chipsets and modules. Ultra low-power 802.11 n wireless sensor modules.


High-end solid-state storage products. SSD solutions aimed at speed, quality, value and power for Prosumer, Industrial and Military markets.

SiLabs (Telegesis)

Low power, 2.4GHz ISM band transceivers, based on ZigBee / IEEE 802.15.4

Silicon Labs

Completely integrated and certified Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE / BT 4.0), Bluetooth class 1 and class2 modules, and Bluetooth access servers.

Silicon Motion

FerriSSD non-volatile, fully integrated SATA/PATA Solid State Drive(SSD) in a single BGA package storage solution


Power over Ethernet (PoE) modules, battery charger modules, Subscriber Line Interface Circuit (SLIC) modules and PSTN/trunk interfaces, COICs.

Taiyo Yuden

Innovative solutions for Bluetooth, BLE,WLAN single and dual band, IEEE802.15.4 and GPS/GNSS designs.


Cellular modules for machine-to-machine (M2M) communication including GSM/GPRS, CDMA and 3G. GPS, Zigbee, short range RF.


Voltage detectors and regulators, LDOs, DC/DC converters, charge pump and PLL ICs, temperature sensors and 3-axis accelerometer.


Motion control solutions including ICs, modules and integrated motors with driver modules.