Contactless Temperature Sensor

Cost-effective and efficient contactless temperature sensor allows for safe work environments and gatherings.

Non-contact temperature sensor designed and developed by the TTI Family of Companies

Designed by

Project Overview

Intermediate-level open source contactless wrist temperature sensor designed and prototyped by TTI Semiconductor Group (TSG) company, Connected Development, and sourced entirely by the TTI Family of Companies (FOC).

Non-Contact Temperature Sensor, designed and developed by the TTI Family of Companies

Safe Group Gatherings

Many existing temperature sensor systems are large, expensive, or require additional personnel to operate.

Economic, compact and contact free wrist temperature sensor.

Sensor is currently being used at the TTI warehouses to ensure essential workers can safely enter the workplace without endangering their coworkers.

Components Used

Contactless temperature sensor designed and developed entirely by the
TTI Family of Companies

Silicon Labs Tiny Gecko Starter Kit

Collects temperature sensor information from the thermopile and displays the temperature on the LCD

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TE Thermopile Sensor

Measures object temperature and detects if human body is within close proximity to the measurement station

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TDK Piezo Buzzer

For beeping sound. Short beep for temperature in normal range. Long beep for high temperature

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Since temperature checks are an imperfect measurement to determine COVID-19 or any other disease or ailment, the manufacturer – TTI, Inc. – disclaims any and all responsibility or liability for any harm to anyone resulting from the use of this system.