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Why DECT for short range wireless:
  • 1.9 GHz frequency band offers interference free communication
  • Multiple simultaneous voice channels
  • Longer range than Bluetooth
  • Lower power than Bluetooth
  • Excellent sound quality
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Cordless voice module (CVM)

The SC14CVMDECT AF01 is an integrated radio transceiver and baseband in a single package. It is designed for hosted and embedded cordless voice and data applications.
  • Completely tested module
  • Supports CAT-iq V1 (Wideband audio), DECT6.0 and Japan DECT in one Module
  • UART interface
  • Possible to use Module without an external uController
  • Module can be configured as Portable Part or as Fixed Part
  • Easy programming via AT command set
  • Support voice and low speed data
  • Radio frequency: 1870 - 1930 MHz
  • No need for costly RF production testers
  • Antenna’s included
  • ETSI 300 444 (DECT GAP) compliant
  • FCC approved and ETSI-certified

Wireless sensor module (WSM)

The SC14WSMDATA AF01 is an integrated baseband, radio transceiver and power amplifier in a single package to be used for Ultra Low Energy (ULE) sensor applications. It can be used with the SC14CVMDECT module serving as base station.
  • Ultra Low Power, Sleep current < 3 uA
  • Frequency: 1870 - 1930 MHz
  • 232 bits / 29 Byte packet data
  • Programmable via AT command set
  • EU/US/J-DECT certified (J-DECT certification in progress)
  • Applications:
    • Ultra Low Power Wireless Sensors Data applications
    • Low standby current Wireless Actuator Data

Wireless audio module (WAM)

The SC14WAM AF01 is a specially designed module for PA Systems, to be used in classrooms, large conference rooms or even outside, as it supports up to two microphones. The module includes a powerful, multi-core DECT baseband processor, transceiver, power amplifier and antenna plus complete protocol and application interface software. It also features dedicated functionality for the microphone, further reducing your time to market. The wireless audio module for public address systems operates in a licensed, royalty-free band of the radio spectrum and features automatic channel selection.
  • Hi-fi audio supporting 12kHz bandwith
  • Long range: 50 m indoors and 300 m outdoors
  • A robust digital radio link ensures interference-free transmission
  • Module is fully FCC approved

The cordless voice module Development Kit (SC14CVMDECTDEVKT) comprises portable and fixed components. These connect to computer(s) via the USB port; enabling designers to quickly familiarise themselves with the easy to use AT Command Set and Athena development environment.

The Athena development environment consists of Eclipse and a GNU cross compiler / linker for CR16 – removing the need for an external microcontroller.
  • Hi-fi audio support
  • Long range: 50 m indoors and 300 m outdoors
  • Robust radio link ensures interference-free transmission
  • Various audio compression algorithms support

Dialog has developed reference designs for the following applications:
  1. Wireless pendant design for elderly home monitoring systems
  2. IP DECT base station
  3. PA system - demo platform with two microphones

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More about Dialog and DECT ULE:

Wireless networking makes life easier, safer, more comfortable and more secure. This emerging, fast-growing market covers applications ranging from machine-to-machine communication for controlling industrial equipment to remote healthcare monitoring and smart homes. the applications may be very different, but the networking requirements are very similar: reliable, long-range communication between autonomous nodes with long battery lifetimes.

You can find all these characteristics - and more - in DECT ULE. Designed specifically for wireless networking, DECT ULE is an ultra-low energy version of the DECT standard that has been field proven in more than 250 million households. It delivers all the benefits of DECT, including interference-free communication, long range, excellent voice quality, plug-and-play installation and data rates that support voice, data and video. Plus, it allows typical sensor applications to run for years on a single AAA battery.

As co-developers of DECT ULE, Dialog makes it easy for you to integrate reliable wireless networking into your sensor node application. you'll find DECT ULE implemented in our fully approved wireless sensor modules, offering easy design-in and short time to market. They integrate all the hardware and software you need, including the antenna. So you can just drop them into your application - no RF expertise or resources required for design or production ramp up.