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Why FRAM from Fujitsu?

FRAM combines the advantages of ROM and RAM into a single package.


FRAM Advantages:

  • Non-volatile
  • High-speed writing
  • High endurance
  • Low power consumption
  • Radiation tolerance
FRAM (Ferroelectric RAM) is a non-volatile random access memory that can retain data even with the power off. FRAM outperforms conventional non-volatile memories, offering high speed, high endurance, and a high toleration to radiation.

Fujitsu, the global leader in FRAM technology, has shipped billions of FRAM devices over more than a decade.

FRAM Compared with Other Memory Products

Memory type Non-volatile Non-volatile Non-volatile Volatile
Data-rewrite method Overwrite Erase + Write Sector Erase + Write Overwrite
Write-cycle time 150ns 5ms 10Ķs 55ns
Endurance 1012 105 105 Unlimited
Charge-pump circuit No need Need Need No need

FRAM Applications

Data Logging Application

Data Logging

FRAM is ideal for applications that require frequent and reliable data logging, because the technology offers more than 1 million times higher read/write cycle endurance than conventional non-volatile memories, Other key features include FRAMís speed (about 30 times faster than E2PROM), low power consumption (about 200 times less energy), and robust security.

Medical RFID

Medical RFID

Fujitsu offers high-performance, large-density RFID based on FRAM. This memory technology overcomes the serious limitation of conventional RFID tags that use E2PROM, which can be compromised by radiation doses as small as 2kGy. Since the ferroelectric material at the heart of Fujitsuís FRAM technology is inherently radiation hardened, it can easily withstand the 20kGy sterilization typically used in the medical industry. In fact, FRAM can tolerate radiation doses of 50kGy or more, making it the best choice for pharmaceutical, medical and other applications that involve radiation.



FRAM enhances electronic-meter applications, allowing data to be written faster and more frequently without wearing out the memory. This lessens the risk that metering data will be lost if the power is lost. The high endurance of FRAM also reduces maintenance and downtime due to memory failure. For battery-operated meters (e.g., water meters), the low power operation of FRAM can extend battery life, reducing the need for replacement batteries.

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