A528 (MUON) Compact Embedded UHF RFID Reader Development Kit


  • MUON Compact Embedded Reader
  • Service Board with Power supply and Cables
  • Linear polarized antennas
  • Set of Labels
  • Temperature Logger Tags


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CAEN products

CAEN RFID is a leading supplier of UHF RFID readers and logger tags. It has been among the first European companies to design and manufacture UHF RFID readers.

Besides being a leading supplier of basic RFID technology, CAEN RFID is ready to perform also as a solution enabler, thus allowing to reduced integration time and costs.

Easy2Read Embedded Readers.

Great Performance in Small Size.

Typical products that feature UHF RFID are Handheld and PDA devices, label printers and applicators, desktop readers, kiosks, industrial readers and smart shelves.

Embedded RFID readers are the best choice for all companies wishing to integrate their existing or new products with RFID functionality.

Easy2Read Fixed Readers.

Always connected. Everywhere.

The typical and most frequent installation of UHF RFID technology is the so-called portal or gate. It consists of a fixed reader (interrogator) placed around an area of entrance/exit from a stockhouse or a manufacturing plant.

Fixed readers are sometimes used outdoors for vehicles or people identification, at the entrance of parking lots or any other entry point in buildings and boundaries of enterprise premises. Sports events are also using UHF RFID on check points to verify timings and performances in amateur and professional races.

Easy2Log Temperature Tags.

Cool, Always.

Vaccines, drugs and clinical trials products need to be shipped within a prescribed temperature range to maintain their efficacy as well as food to maintain its freshness.

The benefits of applying RFID and sensors to perishable goods include improved food and drugs safety, longer vaccines and rug efficacy, more efficient product recalls, reduced costs due to less spoilage, lower inventories, more efficient logistics, and improved customer service.



R1230CB (QUARK) Ultra Compact Embedded UHF RFID Reader Development Kit


  • QUARK Ultra Compact Embedded Reader
  • 1 Reader evaluation board plus USB cable
  • 2 Linear polarized antennas
  • 1 Set of Labels
  • 2 Temperature Logger Tags


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CAEN products

CAEN RFID Applications

UHF RFID is an enabling technology for several fields of applications, spanning from Fashion to cold chain, to industrial manufacturing and leisure.

Everyone can gain an advantage and receive a benefit from RFID installations, no limits are placed on fantasy and inventions for innovation.

The following is a list of applications CAEN RFID products can be applied to in real life situations to inspire your own projects and select the best product(s) for your needs.

  • Embedded
  • The use of RFID technology is today more pervasive than just a few years ago. Evolving from the traditional gate or portal concept, the embedding of RFID modules into products is undoubtedly an added value to existing and well established technologies.

  • Access Control
  • Nowadays many organizations require on efficient and secure access control system to manage the flow of employees, visitors and vehicles into, around and out of buildings.

  • Waste Management
  • The waste management and recycling industry is today one of the most interesting market segments. Both public and private companies are turning to technology and they see the RFID UHF as mature and suitable.

  • Fashion - Retail
  • The use of RFID for Fashion and Retail applications is growing on a daily basis. From manufacturing to retail and brand owners, all stakeholders are feeling the benefits of item level tagging.

  • Cold Chain - Pharma
  • The vast majority of drugs and vaccines need to be shipped usually between 2°C and 8°C. Approximately one fifth of the total pharmaceutical market is represented by temperature-sensitive products.

  • Transportation - Logistics
  • Transportation and Logistics are among the applications which have seen the first benefits from the use of RFID. Trials and pilots in such field have been very successful and now roll-outs are taking place.

  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Industrial manufacturing has always adopted several strategies, including Just in Time and Kanban, to reduce in-process inventory and its associated costs.

  • FMCG - Supply Chain
  • The need for real-time inventory at all stages in Fast Moving consumer Goods (FMCG) is a continuous requirement for all Logistics, IT Managers and Operators involved in the Supply Chain.

  • Leisure
  • UHF RFID is quite a serious technology, but sometimes it is used also for fun. From social networks to sports events and theme parks, leisure applications are gaining a benefit from RFID adoption.