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Gizmo is a small form-factor, low cost platform intended for embedded innovators and hobbyists to create and develop new software and hardware products. The first board is based on AMD's Embedded G-Series APUs. The platform is designed to provide direct access to the various I/O features available from the AMD APU and chipset, a robustness which is rarely accessible or available on standard off-the-shelf PC mother boards.

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The Gizmo Explorer Kit combines the power of the Gizmo board with an Explorer expansion board that exposes the embedded feature of the APU in the form of additional buses, labeled holes for signal access, motor control and a sea of holes for prototyping. The kit also contains a Sage SmartProbe®, which allows bare metal debugging of the CPU from the reset interrupt vector on, along with the Sage Embedded Developer Kit (EDK), which provides a powerful set of features to improve development and debug capabilities. Both the SmartProbe® and the EDK come with limited trial licenses, but Sage( is making noncommercial licenses available to the GismoSphere community at a substantial discount. Purchase a license directly through the GizmoSphere website (

Gizmo Board is an embedded system for developers and tinkerers.

The intent of the Gizmo Explorer Kit is to provide a low-cost entry point for designers, inventors, tinkerers, educational institutions and businesses. The kit is designed to allow easy access to the embedded features of the AMD G-Series APU, with a wide selection of interfaces, expansion connectors, and other I/O signals to facilitate the implementation of any concepts that can be dreamt up.

Gizmo Explorer Kit Contents Figure 1. Gizmo Explorer Kit Contents

Gizmo Explorer Kit Contents

  1. Gizmo board
  2. Explorer board
  3. SmartProbe®
  4. USB Cable
  5. CAT5e cable
  6. USB wall charger
  7. Flash drive with EDK, docs and boot OS
  8. Gizmo power supply
  9. Alpha-numeric keypad
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The gizmo board has several connectors such as USB, VGA and Audio for external devices. Loose or improper connections might cause problems. Make sure all connectors are properly and firmly connected.

Gizmo board connector locations (top side) Figure 2: Gizmo board connector locations (top side)
Connector Label
J1 SmartProbe®
J2 Dual USB/Ethernet Connector
J4 SATA Data Connector
J5 SATA Power Connector
J6 Fan Connector
J7 High-speed Special Features Connector
J8 Power Connector
J9 USB Header
J10 VGA Connector
J11 Audio Connector
J12 Low-speed Special Features Connector
Table 2: Gizmo board connectors

Sage SmartProbe®

Included in the Gizmo Explorer Kit is the Sage SmartProbe®, a powerful addition to the software engineer's toolbox. Designed for all AMD platforms, the SmartProbe® lets developers query and manipulate what's inside the processor, chipset and peripherals. With this level of visibility and control, greater productivity is within grasp.

Sage SmartProbe® Connection Figure 3. Sage SmartProbe® Connection

A simple connector plugs in the automated, configurable Sage SmartProbe®, a multifunction development tool designed to increase productivity while shrinking development risk. SmartProbe® minimizes the time spent configuring tools.

It is important to note that the included SmartProbe® comes pre-installed with a 20-hour trial license. To get the most out of your evaluation period, do not leave the probe plugged in while not in use! Connect the probe to your system's USB port or plug it into the included power supply only when you are ready to actually use the probe, then disconnect it from the power suply when you are done. After your development period has expired, you can obtain a full one-year development license at a reduced rate through the GizmoSphere website (