Micronas supplies sensor solutions for industrial markets, including factory and process automation; building, home, and office automation; medical applications; mobility and robotics controllers; agriculture and heavy machinery;
garden and power tools; and household items such as washing machines, tumble dryers, induction cookers, and heating and cooling (HVAC) systems. Hall-effect sensors can be found in almost any machine that needs to measure position, linear or rotational movement, or current. Other parameters like rpm, leveling, pressure, force or even torque can also be measured indirectly using Hall-effect sensors.
HALL SWITCHES Hall switches measure the magnetic field strength and compare the reading to a fixed threshold level either predefined or programmed in the sensor. If the value is exceeded, the sensor switches the output transistor on or off. Switches are available as 3-wire versions with an open-drain output or 2-wire versions with current-coded output.
LINEAR HALL Linear Hall sensors provide a signal proportional to the magnetic field strength. This output signal can be delivered as an analog output voltage, a pulse-width-modulated signal (PWM) or as a modern bus protocol (SENT).
SAMPLE KIT includes:
Switch (On-Off) or Measurement (Linear output)?
Switch (On-Off)
Single hall plate or Multiple hall plates? Single hall plate Multiple hall plates
Fixed or Programmable switching points? Fixed switching points Programmable switching points

Measurement for Distance and Angle
Measure Angle of rotation or Measure Distance? Measure Angle of rotation Measure Distance
On Shaft (On-Axis) or Out of Shaft (Off-Axis) Angle measurement? On Shaft (On-Axis) Out of Shaft (Off-Axis)
Linear (1D) or Multi-axis (2D/3D) Linear (1D) Multi-axis (2D/3D)
Angle < 90, Angle < 180, Angle <= 360 Angle < 90 Angle < 180 Angle <= 360
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