The TMCM-1110 stepRocker™ is an intelligent, compact and "ready to use" motion control solution at low cost for a bipolar 2-phase stepper motor. It fully supports the common and easy to use programming language TMCL™, where predefined high level motion control commands like "Move to Position" or "Constant Rotation" guarantee convenient and rapid development. Besides user programmable I/O controlled stand alone operation (onboard memory), a variety of high level interfaces allow remote controlled operation.



  • 3-axis motion controller
  • "driver only" function
  • up to 256 times microstepping / 51200 pos./rev. with a 1.8° motor
  • memory for 2048 TMCL™ commands
  • automatic ramp generation
  • on the fly alteration of motion parameters(e.g. position, velocity, acceleration)
  • stallGuard2™ sensorless high resolution motor load detection
  • coolStep™ load depenent current control
  • spreadCycle™ choper for improved smoothness and high speed operation
  • microPlyer™ internal microstep multiplier (16 to 256 µSteps) for lower frequency on step input
  • 6x control LED

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Improved version of the successful stallGuard feature, stallGuard2 is the world's first sensor-less high resolution load detection implemented in a standard stepper motor driver. This gives the user easy and cost effective real time feedback.


TRINAMIC'S coolStep™ drives the motors always at their optimum current. By using the stallGuard2™ load information motor current is adjusted to the actual load situation without the need of a sensor. With coolStep™ motors and electronics stay cool.

coolStep™ in Action

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Based in Hamburg, Germany, TRINAMIC provides integrated Circuits and Modules for Motor and Motion Control to customers all over the world.