How Long Will You Wait For LTE Cat-M?

The LTE 3GPP release schedule is a moving target. It's hard to say when the market will be ready to support a Cat-M deployment. Not only are the Cat-M silicon and module release dates changing, but the timeline for a supporting network is also unknown. Symmetry will continue to monitor these dates and update this page with new information as it becomes available. We also have LTE modules and development kits available today based on Cat-1 that will be compatible with Cat-M when the products and networks are finally ready.
LTE Cat-3 LTE Cat-4 LTE Cat-1 LTE Cat-M1
Data Rates DL: 100Mbps
UL: 50Mbps
DL: 150Mbps
UL: 50Mbps
DL: 10Mbps
UL: 5Mbps
DL: 500Kbps
UL: 500Kbps
Power Consumption High High Lower due to power save modes Lower due to power save modes
Power Modes N/A N/A PSM & eDRX (TBD) Power Saving Modes & eDRX (Extended time for sleep)
Extended Coverage N/A N/A N/A Better RF Link Budget by 16 dB
Mobility Full Mobility Full Mobility Full Mobility Full Mobility
Voice Yes Yes Yes N/A
Cost Higher due to HW requirements Higher due to HW requirements Lower Lowest
Applications Phones, Notebooks, Tablets Automotive, Video Surveillance, Routers Telematics, Gateways, Security Wearables, Retail, Asset Tracking
Available Modules
Telit Coming Soon
Janus Coming Soon
Evaluation Kits to Start Development Now
  • Get 50% off Cat 1 interface board (your choice: Verizon/AT&T) when you buy the Telit All Inclusive Kit.
  • Get an additional 50% off the Cat M1 (once available). We will notify you once it is released.
  • Limit 2 All Inclusive Kit per customer.
Skywire ™ 4G LTE CAT M1
Embeded Modem
Get notified as soon as the
Skywire ™ 4G LTE CAT M1 Embeded Modem
becomes available
Skywire ™ 4G LTE CAT M1 Embeded Modem
Based on the Sequans chipset, the Skywire Cat M modem will be the industry's first Cat M embedded modems with FCC and carrier-required end-device-certification, eliminating months of testing and tens of thousands of dollars in cost for product developers. Skywire Cat M LTE modems are the smallest in the industry and are compatible with a variety of Skywire development kits and microprocessor shields. With the price and speed users need for IoT applications, NimbeLink's Skywire ™ CAT M embedded modems take full advantage of the modern 4G LTE network. They will replace soon-to-be-discontinued 2G service and, in some applications, Cat 1 modems, also designed for IoT.
Digi XBee® Cellular 4G LTE Cat 1 Embedded Modem

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