Ethernet with PoE Made Easy.
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Do you need to manage and communicate with your equipment remotely?

With Lantronix wired and wireless Ethernet modules you can:
  • Network-enable your existing/legacy equipment
  • Monitor and manage your equipment over the network or over the internet
  • Make remote management and communication a reality with Lantronix embedded Ethernet modules and/or Wi-Fi modules
  • Focus on your core competency and let us provide you with small, powerful, customizable, secure and cost effective modules
    • Wired connectivity: MatchPort AR serial to Ethernet module
    • Wireless connectivity: MatchPort b/g Pro serial to Wi-Fi module.

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Power your network-attached devices right off the
Ethernet cable.

Power Over Etnernet (PoE) technology enables your devices to pull power from the Ethernet cable.
  • Power your device easily and cost effectively with SilverTel PoE modules
  • Our PoE modules provide different output voltages and power options
  • Our PoE modules offer adjustable output voltages, short circuit and thermal protection
  • Isolated and non-isolated modules
  • IEEE 802.3af standard compliance
  • Available in SIL, DIL and SMT packages
For Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE), the SilverTel Ag6400 module can be used to inject power into the Ethernet cable to deliver power to connected PoE device.
  • Injects power into the Ethernet cable
  • 4-channel Power Sourcing Module
  • Delivers 30 watts per channel
  • IEEE 802.3af and 802.3at standards compliant

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Utilizing Torexís small footprint, power management products will reduce the overall device count to generate the voltages your design requires.

Generate the voltages for your:
  • Microcontroller/Microprocessor
  • Memory
  • FPGAs
  • RF
  • Baseband
  • LCD display
  • OLED
  • And any other components on your board.
Additional PoE Resources:
Silvertel PoE Selector Guide   |   Lantronix MatchPort AR Integration Guide   |   Lantronix MatchPort b/g Pro Integration Guide   |   Lantronix XPort-AR Power over Ethernet   |
Connect Power over Ethernet to the Lantronix WiPort / WiPort NR

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