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15mm x 15mm (0.600 inch x 0.600 inch)

The RFD21737 is a full featured eval board for the RFD21733 which is a complete, READY-TO-USE wireless solution with it's built-in user application interface (RFDP8). Includes RFID, ESN, Logic Switch Transmitter / Receiver, 9600,N,8,1 Serial UART and many easy-to-use addressable network modes. No development required at all, no RF layout, no code writing, all features are built-in. Be up and running with a full wireless solution in minutes.
2.4 GHz FCC APPROVED RF Module with built in RFDP8 Application Protocol

Key Features:
  • High Performance at a LOW Cost
  • CE  •  ETSI
  • FCC Approved
  • Patent Pending RFDP8 Interference Immunity Algorithm
RFD21733 Module
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Wireless Switch Block Diagram
Wireless Switch
Virtual COMM Port Diagram
Wireless RF UART
Active RFID Diagram
Active RFID
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  • Runs for years on a single coin cell.
  • Bluetooth interference tolerant.
  • Zigbee interference tolerant.
  • Very low cost.
  • No external parts required.
  • No RF layout required.
  • Easy and ready-to-use, hand-held, eval and application boards available.
  • Ultra small 15mm x 15mm footprint.
  • Fully contained, truly a finished, ready to use module.
  • CE, ETSI, FCC Approved.
  • Typical range outdoor; 500 feet, indoor 100 feet.
  • Worldwide 2.4GHz ISM band operation.
  • User configurable without need for any programming.
  • 2uA Ultra low power modes.
  • Only 14mA current consumption at 0dbm RF power output.
  • Only 17mA current consumption at -94 dBm receive sensitivity.
  • 16 bit CRC data accuracy verification built-in.
  • 32 bit unique factory ESN in every module (4 billion combination security).
  • Flexible network modes, including broadcast and individual addressing.
  • Optional version available for use with external antenna (RFD21735).
  • Switch on/off, logic, remote-control without the need for an external controller.
  • Switch nodes individually addressable without the need for an external controller.
  • Wide supply range +1.9V to +3.6V.
  • Built-in, high performance internal antenna (RFD21733).
  • Peer to Peer (Ad-Hoc) networks and configurations.
  • Point to Multi-Point networks and configurations.
  • Multi-Point to Multi-Point networks and configurations.
  • Selective addressing of any module by using factory built-in ESN.
  • Fast-turn-around, minimal latency (20 millisecond).
  • Patent pending RFDP8 interference tolerant protocol.
  • Full application protocol runs transparent to the user.
  • Easy to use, simple to design in.
  • Stores up to 60 ESNs (Electronic Serial Numbers) for network modes.
  • Many to one data modes ideal for multi-point data acquisition.
  • Unlimited number of module nodes can communicate to each other.
RFDP8 Interference Immunity Algorithm

RF Digital's RFDP8 proprietary patent-pending frequency agility protocol operates in the internationally accepted 2.4 GHz band. The RFDP8's leading-edge advanced algorithm is not burdened by a heavy-weight stack as is BlueTooth, ZigBee, WLAN and other protocols, which are well suited for cross-manufacturer interoperability. The RFDP8 protocol is highly robust and effective where there is a need to penetrate through a high saturation of RF noise which is common in nearly all environments today. It is especially effective and can easily coexist in heavy WiFi environments, which very few technologies can do successfully without the need of excessive processing power.

The protocol strategically changes channels frequently to deliver its payload to the destination device reliably, yet not too excessively as to demand too much internal processing power which allows it to run with a very low current consumption profile and fast start up times allowing substantial flexibility with implementation. The RFDP8 protocol reduces the amount of on-air traffic and unnecessary chatter due to its unique and highly efficient design, which does not require bilateral registration and association as do many other technologies today. The RFDP8 does not require ack-nacks to complete a packet delivery, it's unique technique of packet delivery, recovery and correction allows it to work as a one-way link, hence drastically simplifying users' applications which always results in more a robust wireless system.

The RFDP8 protocol combined with RF Digital's leading-edge RF Module hardware delivers a highly robust method of delivering user data from point to point, point to multi-point or multi-point to multi-point, transmitter-receiver, transceiver, serial or switch on/off data modes. The protocol is designed to work seamlessly with RF Digital's hardware modules, the combination results in ultra long range at ultra low currents without concern for compliance approvals since modules such as the RFD21733 come with FCC approval for USA and have passed CE - ETSI emission testing for European requirements. The RFDP8 protocol adds several dB of range gain passively through it's advanced data recovery technique which pulls valid data out of a noisy environment adding effective gain which results in more range, delivering the net result, which is a very robust wireless system. All of this is built into the overhead of the RFDP8 protocol and RF Digital modules, so it's all done behind the scenes, allowing the user to focus on building their application and simply putting data into the radio device as a wireless pipe and easily receiving it on the other end.