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The GainSpan SDK-Builder is a web-based tool for building custom firmware binary images for GainSpan Low Power Embedded GS1011M/GS1500M Wi-Fi Modules. It allows users to rapidly customize wireless and network stack functionality into their embedded applications and integrate with an external host MCU. This enables users to continue to leverage existing host MCU tool chain for developing host application while using the GainSpan SDK-Builder tool to customize wireless and network stack capabilities of their system.


The GainSpan SDK-Builder tool eliminates the need to use pre-built firmware binary images, as provided with GainSpan GS1011M/GS1500M EVK Mrk II evaluation kits, and allows users to create custom firmware binary images on-demand tailored to their end application.

The SDK-Builder tool provides a baseline default configuration which includes essential wireless stack features (WLAN Firmware, radio configuration, power save modes (sleep, deep sleep, standby), unsolicited data transmission, WPA/WPA2-Personal security (client)) and networking services (network stack protocols (UDP/TCP), DHCP/DNS client, Over-the-air firmware upgrade using internal flash).

The feature selection section of SDK-Builder tool allows user to select and configure features such as host interface options, client enterprise wireless security, Limited AP wireless security, provisioning methods, application layer protocols, over-the-air firmware upgrade using external flash and other test modes. In addition, a real time firmware binary image size indicator shows total memory usage while providing alerts if allowable memory limits are exceeded.   



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Simplified web-based tool that enables customization of software features tailored to end application
Accelerates time to market by reducing development time for custom embedded applications
No need to purchase embedded Wi-Fi module software development tool chain
Builds application-specific customized embedded firmware binary images for use with flash management tools
Access to complete suite of GainSpan Wi-Fi & Networking services software
Menu-based build configuration options listed by product and software version
Built-in intelligence to eliminate possibility of invalid code combinations
Binary file size indicator to show total memory usage and error messages to indicate memory overflow
Description of software modules and valid feature combinations
Email notifications to confirm build request and availability of firmware binary images
Firmware binaries uploaded directly to GainSpan SDK-Builder tool
Build History link to track history of recent builds
Supports following web browser platforms: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari


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GainSpan SDK Builder Firmware Configuration Tool Product Overview

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