Sensor I/O with DC/DC Supply

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iC-DL is a fast line driver with six independent channels and integrated impedance adaptation for 30 to 140 lines. Channels are paired for differential 3-channel operation by a high signal at the DIFF input, providing differential output signals for the three inputs E1, E3 and E5. All inputs are compatible with CMOS and TTL levels. The push-pull output stages have a driver power of typically 200mA from 24 V and are short-circuitproof and current-limited, shutting down with excessive temperature. For bus applications the output stages can be switched to high impedance using input ENA. iC-DL monitors supply voltages VB and VCC and the chip temperature, switching all output stages to high impedance in the event of error and set NER activ low. In addition, the device also monitors voltage differences at the pins VB1, VB2 and VB3 and generates an error signal if the absolut value exceeds 0.75 V. The open-drain output NER allows the device to be wired-ORed to the relevant NER error outputs of other iC-DLs. Via input TNER the message outputs of other ICs can be extended to generate system error messages. NER switches to high impedance if supply voltage VCC ceases to be applied. The device is protected against ESD.


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Channel 1 can be inverted (antivalent output)
Decoupling of GND and VN potential
Driver shutdown in the event of error
Dual channel switches, configurable for high-side, low-side and push-pull operation
Error detection with hysteresis with excessive temperature, overload and low voltage
Error messaging via two open-collector outputs
Output current of up to 100 mA per channel
Parallel connection of both channels possible
Push-pull operation with tristate function
Sensor parameterisation via a feedback channel (up to 30 V)
Switches are current limited
Switching converters and regulators for 3.3/5 V voltage generation
Wide supply voltage range of 9 to 30 V

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