iC-HG iCSY HG20M Module for SMD VCSEL Arrays

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Six channel Laser Switch iC-HG enables the spikefree switching of laser diodes with well-defined current pulses at frequencies ranging from DC to 200 MHz.

The diode current is determined by the voltages at pins CIx. The six fast switches are controlled independently via TTL inputs. Input ELVDS = hi selects LVDS type inputs and three channel mode. TTL slow switch mode
is selected with 30%VDD and LVDS slow switch mode with 70%VDD at input ELVDS.

The laser diode can thus be turned on and off or switched between different current levels (LDKx connected) defined by the voltages at CIx. Each channel can be operated up to 500mA DC current depending on the heat dissipation.

The integrated thermal shutdown feature protects the iC-HG from damage by excessive temperature.



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