8-Bit Input Port (74THC2400)

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The device iC-NH is used to condition digital signals when driving microprocessors, bus-oriented receivers and transmitters.

The 8 inverting drivers are divided into 2x4 bits (nibbles). The Schmitt trigger inputs accept standard CMOS levels and, due to the hysteresis, ensure a high signal-to-noise voltage ratio. They are capable of transforming slowly changing and noisy input signals into sharply defined output logic levels.

The garanteed push-pull driving capability is ±6mAdc at low saturation voltage. The push-pull drivers are designed for TTL/CMOS compatible output levels. High levels at the enable inputs 1NG and 2NG switch the output driver stages to the Tri-State mode.

Clamping diodes to VCC and to GND protect all inputs and outputs against damage due to ESD.

iC-Haus iC_NH_001


• 8-Bit input port to drive microprocessors, bus-oriented receivers and transmitters

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8 Schmitt trigger inputs with high hysteresis
Inverting TTL/CMOS compatible output stages, divided into nibbles
Guaranteed push-pull driving capability of 6mA
Outputs capable of Tri-State switching at 4 bits
Inputs and outputs protected against being damaged by ESD
Compatible to standard 74THC2400


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8-Bit Input Port (74THC2400)