Optical Position-Sensitive Detector (PSD) with Ambient Light

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The iC-OD/L device is an optical position sensitive detector with a monolithic integrated photodiode.  The device supersedes one PSD and two conventional photoelectric detectors, e.g. in motion sensors.

Constant light and low-frequency variing light are suppressed by a highpass filter. A lowpass filter reduces high-frequency interference to a minimum.  The maximum sensitivity for alternating-light signals (for AC photoelectric currents) is about 100 kHz, with a current amplification of typically 48 dB.

The photoelectric current is partitioned to the two photocurrent amplifiers according to the position of the light signal.  The analogue outputs IAC1 and IAC2 offer directly the amplified AC photoelectric current.



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Low-noise current amplifier with an integrated position-sensitive photodiode
High reliability due to monolithical design
Effective photodiode area 2.6 mm 0.88 mm (iC-OD)
Longer version with 8.4 mm 0.88 mm available (iC-ODL)
High sensitivity for visible light and near infrared
Integrated bandpass filter with 100 kHz center frequency
High background light suppression
Analogue output as current source
Low power consumption from 3.9 to 13.2 V supply voltage

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