Incremental Opto Encoder

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iC-OW is an evaluator iC for optical incremental linear and rotary motion sensors, such as glass scales or shaft encoders, for example. A photodiode array, amplifiers, comparators and TTL-compatible push-pull output drivers are integrated monolithically.

Two tracks, A and B, are evaluated differentially, with index track Z as constant light. The integrated LED current control with a driver stage enables a transmitter LED with a series resistor to be directly connected to the device and ensures a constant optical receive power. Two external resistors are used to set the comparator threshold of the relative index track and to determine the receive photocurrents.

The internal logical AND operation of index track Z to tracks A and B can be switched off for adjustment.

A monitoring circuit generates an error message when the LED current control range is violated. The error output, designed as an open collector, is low active and functions simultaneously as an input which can turn off the AND operation of the index track.

All pins are protected against destruction by ESD. The outputs are short-circuit-proof.

iC-Haus IC_OW1C_001


• Optical position decoding for incremental encoders using the principle of differential scanning.

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Monolithically integrated photodiodes
Excellent matching, high reliability
Differential scanning for tracks A and B
Adjustable threshold for index track Z
Gated index Z with switch-off capability
Adjustable LED current control compensates for temperature and system ageing effects
50mA LED driver integrated
Control monitoring with alarm output
Electronic test aids
Track outputs TTL-compatible and short-circuit-proof
ESD protection

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