Bluetooth LE micro-module Based on Nordic NRF51822 SoC



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The I-SYST IMM-NRF51822 is a 23 x 17 mm micro-module with embedded PCB antenna. It allows developers to take full advantage of the nRF51822 by making all its I/O available via 35 SMD/Through hole 1.27mm pitch pads. The module can be mounted with header pins in order to re-use during development and prototyping phase and SMD it for production to be the most cost effective. There is also a related IMM-NRF51422 (ANT & BLE micro-module Based on Nordic NRF51422 SoC) module. 
The Nordic Semiconductor nRF51822 is an ultra low power System on Chip (SoC). It integrates the nRF51 series 2.4GHz transceiver, a 32 bits ARM® Cortextm-M0 CPU, Flash memory, analog and digital I/O. The nRF51822 supports both Bluetooth Low Energy and proprietary protocols.



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16 channel CPU independent Programmable Peripheral Interconnect (PPI)
2.4GHz multi-protocol transceiver
256KB Flash
31 configurable I/O pins
32 bits ARM Cortextm-M0 @ 16MHz.
8/9/10 bit ADC - 8 configurable channels
Digital interfaces SPI Master/Slave, 2-wire Master (I2C compatible), UART (CTS/RTS)
Dimension : 23 x 17 mm
Encryption -128 bit AES ECB/CCM/AAR co-processor
Low power comparator
One 32 and two 16 bit timers with counter mode
Operating voltage : 1.8V to 3.6V
Quadrature decoder
Temperature sensor
Up to 4 PWM


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