4.0/2.0 GHz Dual UL PLL - BCC2

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The Fujitsu MB15F74UL is a serial input Phase Locked Loop (PLL) frequency synthesizer with a 4000 MHz and a 2000 MHz prescalers. A 64/65 or a 128/129 for the 4000 MHz prescaler, and a 32/33 or a 64/65 for the 2000 MHz prescaler can be selected for the prescaler that enables pulse swallow operation.

Fujitsu MB15F74ULPVA_G

The BiCMOS process is used, as a result a supply current is typically 9.0 mA at 3.0 V. The supply voltage range is from 2.7 V to 3.6 V. A refined charge pump supplies well-balanced output current with 1.5 mA and 6 mA selectable by serial date. The pin assignments are the same as MB15F78UL. Fast locking is achieved for adopting the new circuit.

The new package (BCC20) decreases a mount area of MB15F74UL more than 30% comparing with the former BCC16 (for dual PLL).

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High frequency operation: : RF synthesizer : 4000 MHz Max; IF synthesizer : 2000 MHz Max
Low power supply voltage : VCC = 2.7 to 3.6 V
Ultra low power supply current : ICC = 9.0 mA Typ; (VCC = Vp = 3.0 V, Ta = +25 C, SWIF = SWRF = 0 in IF/RF locking state)
Direct power saving function : Power supply current in power saving mode; Typ 0.1 mA (VCC = Vp = 3.0 V, Ta = +25 C); Max 10 mA (VCC = Vp = 3.0 V)
Software selectable charge pump current : 1.5 mA/6.0 mA Typ
Dual modulus prescaler : 4000 MHz prescaler (64/65 or128/129) /2000 MHz prescaler (32/33 or 64/65)
23 bit shift register
Serial input binary 14-bit programmable reference divider : R = 3 to 16,383
Serial input programmable divider consisting of: - Binary 7-bit swallow counter : 0 to 127; - Binary 11-bit programmable counter : 3 to 2,047
Built-in high-speed tuning, low-noise phase comparator, current-switching type constant current circuit
On-chip phase control for phase comparator
On-chip phase comparator for fast lock and low noise
Built-in digital locking detector circuit to detect PLL locking and unlocking
Operating temperature : Ta = -40 C to +85 C

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