M01 USB dongle, with A22 tuner board

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The Fujitsu MB86M01/M02/M03 Transcoder LSIs can convert between Full HD (1920 dots x 1080 lines) H.264 video data and MPEG-2 video data. The bi-directional LSIs, which can also transcode between any audio format, offer industry-leading low power consumption and built-in memory.

Additionally, a transrating function enables H.264 video data to be converted into even higher-compression H.264 video data, making the transcoders ideal for products for H.264 broadcast markets such as Europe, South America, and Asia

The transcoder LSIs combine Fujitsu’s low-power-consumption technology with a proprietary algorithm that enables higher image quality while reducing the processing burden. Even with built-in memory, they deliver industry-leading levels of low power consumption.


• Mobile products (e.g., smartphones, tablet PCs)
• Home digital-broadcast-recording equipment (e.g., TVs, hard disk PVRs, and PCs)

Symmetry Electronics (and its e-commerce division: SemiconductorStore.com) is an authorized Fujitsu distributor.


Built-in H.264 transcoding, transrating and audiotranscoding functions
Industry-leading low power consumption
Small form-factors for compact products
Control functions for simultaneously viewing and recording programs
Shorter delay time when transcoding
Single chip solution

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M01 USB dongle, with A22 tuner board
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M01 USB dongle, with A22 tuner board