CCM/DCM Flyback Ideal Diode with Integrated 100V/14mO MOSFET with Slew Rate Detection

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The MP6973 is a fast turn-off, intelligent rectifier for flyback converters that integrates a 100V/14mΩ MOSFET. It can replace a diode rectifier for higher efficiency and power density. The chip regulates the forward voltage drop of the internal power switch to VFWD (40mV) and turns off before the drain-source voltage reverses.

The MP6973 is optimized for low-side rectification. The internal ringing detection circuitry prevents the MP6973 from falsely turning on during discontinuous conduction mode (DCM) or quasi-resonant operations.

The MP6973 is available in an SOIC-8 package.

Advantages Include:

  • Integrates MOSFET and SR controller in one package
  • Optimized efficiency for low-side rectification
  • Internal ringing detection circuitry prevents false turn-on during DCM operations


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