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This item is available for preorder, we will ship it once it becomes available. ES =Engineering Samples.  Customer should expect multiple firmware updates and at least 1 HW update for the modems over the course of the summer as the CAT M1 network and module level firmware increase in capability to support the CAT M1 features.  

Please note that this part is NCNR: No Cancellations, No Returns

The reliable, omnipresent LTE CAT M1 cellular network is ideal for low power IoT solutions. The compact CAT M1 modem is specifically designed for low-power, battery operated, IoT applications. NimbeLink’s CAT M1 development kit is specifically designed to enable low power development. This makes it ideal for development of field testable, proof-of- concept CAT M1 IoT devices. 

The development kit includes a Skywire™ CAT M1 modem and an adapter board. All a developer needs to prototype a CAT M1 cellular enabled, low-power device is the CAT M1 developer kit and a PC or virtually any Arduino-compatible development kit. 

Bring your innovative concept to life with NimbeLink’s CAT M1 modem and development kit. 

Developers can connect to the modem in two ways:

  • Directly from PC to the modem’s UART port, sending AT commands through PC terminal application
  • Use the kit as a Shield on many Arduino compatible development kits 

  • Approvals: Verizon ODI
  • Lower power than 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE CAT 3/4
  • Connect to any PC
  • Application notes and example code
  • Schematic and PCB design files for easy integration into your product 



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