SiI4726 SATA to 5-Port SATA Device SteelVine™ Storage Processor

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Based on the proven SteelVine Storage Processor Architecture, the SiI 4726™ provides a new level of affordable storage for professional users.

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The SiI 4726 provides 3Gb/s SATA performance over the single host SATA link as well as the five device SATA links, and can be configured for internal or external (eSATA) applications.

Until now, transfer rates of 3Gb/s and hardware RAID features, were only available to enterprise class applications. SiI 4726 allows OEMs and system integrators to offer high-end features for price-sensitive professional market applications.

Users of the SiI 4726 can eliminate CPU loading by using the embedded RISC storage processor, which was developed by Silicon Image, and tuned for the needs of storage applications. This storage processor completely frees up the main CPU and provides the enhanced RAID modes3.

The device can be configured using the GUI, to provide reliable data mirroring, data performance striping, or just plain capacity expansion.

The SiI 4726 modes are;
1) SAFE or Data Mirroring (RAID 1) — allows device to automatically copy primary hard drive without any CPU loading3. The SiI 4726 provides automatic rebuild on device replacement and auto-failover, to eliminate any workflow interruptions.
2) FAST or Data Striping (RAID 0) — allows the device to performance stripe the drives, to provide maximum throughput to the direct attached PC/Server.
3) BIG or Drive Spanning — allows the device to make any two drives (same or different sizes) appear as one large drive to the host, for extra capacity (also called concatenation).
4) JBOD or Port Multiplier — this allows the direct attached PC/Server to see each drive as just a bunch of drives.
5) FAST&SAFE or Data Striping and Mirroring (RAID 10) — allows the device to improve data availability beyond RAID 5 or RAID 6 with large SATA drives, due to rebuild vulnerability.
6) BIG&SAFE Drive Spanning and Mirroring — allows for large capacity with protection. The SiI 4726 works with any Serial ATA compliant host port, although some features such as JBOD access require a port multiplier aware host controller such as SiI 3124-2™ or SiI 3132™.


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Supports one SATA host port, 3Gb/s
Hot Plug support
Supports Asynchronous Notification
SATA Port Multiplier spec. compliant
Supports PM aware hosts and non-PM aware
Two detailed system status LEDs
eSATA signal level support (1m and 2m PHY compliant)
Five SATA device ports, 3Gb/s
Compatible with NCQ drives


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