SiI5723 SATA to Dual eSATA Storage Processor

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The SteelVine SiI5723 storage processor is a low-cost, single chip solution designed to be built into DVRs, PC motherboards and consumer electronics devices. It features a 3Gbps SATA host interface and two eSATA capable device ports.

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The SiI5723 features Silicon Image’s proprietary eSATA based capacity expansion, which allows users to grow the capacity of an existing SteelVine enabled device by adding additional drives that appear to the host system as additional space in the existing SteelVine volume.

The SteelVine SiI5723 storage processor extends the capabilities of consumer electronics and DVR devices as well as PC motherboards by adding eSATA, capacity expansion, drive locking, singlebutton backup support and other advanced storage features on a single chip that easily integrates with existing designs via a SATA connection. Drive locking helps protect users’ data by allowing them to password ‘lock’ directly attached and cascaded drives. If a locked drive is detached from its assigned computer or cascade, the data on the drive will be inaccessible until it is reconnected and unlocked with the user supplied password.

SiI5723 storage processors support JBOD and the following RAID modes: FAST (RAID 0), SAFE (RAID 1) and BIG (Concatenation) as well as two new multi-RAID modes, SAFE33, and SAFE50. Multi-RAID modes automatically create two virtual volumes, one SAFE and the other BIG, and are designed to balance the benefits of capacity and protection with only two drives.

SAFE50 divides the physical space on each drive equally to create each virtual volume. In SAFE33, two-thirds of the available physical space is used to create the BIG partition, and the remaining one-third is used for the SAFE partition. When adding two drives to the SiI5723, BIG, FAST, SAFE, SAFE33, SAFE50 and JBOD are supported. When drives are cascaded, BIG, SAFE, SAFE33 and SAFE50 are available. RAID mode configuration can be accomplished through a GUI, strap pins, or I2C for true software-free implementations.


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eSATA capable device ports
eSATA capacity expansion
Drive locking
Backup button
RAID modes: FAST (RAID 0), SAFE (RAID 1), SAFE33, SAFE50 BIG (Concatenation)
Serial ATA Gen2m compliance
eSATA and 2-meter cable support
3 Gbps (auto-negotiates to 1.5 Gbps)


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