HDMI 1.3 Transmitter: HDCP 1.2, 24-bit RGB Input, 1080p@60Hz, 72-pin QFN

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The SiI9024A is an ultra low-power HDMI® transmitter with integrated HDCP engine and HDCP keys designed for power-sensitive handheld consumer electronics devices such as mobile phones, cameras, portable media players, personal internet devices to enable consumers to share premium content securely in both high-definition format and quality on an HDTV.

•HDMI 1.3
•Simplay HD
•DVI 1.0
•HDCP 1.2

Digital Video
•Integrated TMDS core
•DTV resolution support - upto 1080p
•PC resolution support - VGA/XGA/SXGA/WSXGA/UXGA
•Flexible interface to HD MPEG decoders:
? 12/24-bit RGB YCbCr 4:4:4
? 16/20/24-bit YCbCr 4:2:2
? 8/10/12-bit YCbCr 4:2:2 (ITU-R BT.601 & BT.656)
•Integrated YCbCr —> RGB conversion
•4:2:2 —> 4:4:4 up-converter
•Programmable Data Enable (DE) generator

Consumer Electronic Control (CEC)
•Dedicated CEC signals
•Integrated hardware arbitration logic reduces local CPU overhead

Digital Audio
•DVD-Audio support via 4xI2S inputs (81-ball, 72-pin)
•Supports 2-channel 192kHz or 8-channel 96kHz
•Supports IEC60958 2-ch PCM or IEC61937 compressed audio (Dolby Digital, DTS, etc.)
•Industry-standard S/PDIF input
•Integrated MCLK generator

System Operation
•Simplified API programming through Transmitter Programming Interface (TPI) and CEC Programming Interface (CPI)
•Programmable DDC controller simplifies system design
•Flexible interrupt registers with interrupt pin
•Monitor detection supported through hot plug and receiver sense

Power Management
•Flexible power-down modes
•1.2V, 1.8V and 3.3V cores provide low-power operation

Available Packages
•81-ball BGA (4mm x 4mm, 0.4mm ball pitch)
•49-ball BGA (4mm x 4mm, 0.5mm ball pitch)
•72-pin QFN (10mm x 10mm)

Operating Range
•-20C° to +85C° extended temperature support

Customers interested in this product must have an HDCP license in order to purchase. 

Your company name must be listed on the following website:   https://digital-cp.com/licensee-list.

If not, we will not be able to fulfill this order.

For more information on how to obtain an HDCP License, please go to the Digital Content Protection website - https://digital-cp.com/ or contact us at 866-506-8829



HDMI 1.3 compliance
Integrated TMDS Core
Upto 1080p/60 DTV resolution support
Dedicated CEC signals
DVD-Audio support via I2S input
Simplified API programming through Transmitter Programming Interface (TPI) and CEC programming interface (CPI)
D3, D2, D0 ACPI power states supported
-20C to 85C extended temperature support


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