Evaluation Board, TMC2590

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The TMC2590-EVAL is designed for evaluating all features of the TMC2590-TA. The evaluation board is part of TRINAMICs user-friendly plug-in system for chip evaluation. Just connect the TMC2590- EVAL with Landungsbruecke, the associated base board to start driving a motor in position or velocity mode.
The TMC2590 driver for two-phase stepper motors offers an industry-leading feature set, including high-resolution microstepping, sensorless mechanical load measurement, load-adaptive power optimization, and low-resonance chopper operation. Standard SPI™ and STEP/DIR interfaces simplify communication. The TMC2590 uses external N- and P-channel MOSFETs for motor currents from 1A up to roughly 8A. No bootstrapping and charge-pump are required. Integrated protection and diagnostic features support robust and reliable operation. High integration, high efficiency and small form factor enable miniaturized designs with low external component count for cost-effective and highly competitive solutions. Interfacing is compatible to the TMC26x family.


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Evaluation Board, TMC2590
Part #: TMC2590-EVAL
Evaluation Board, TMC2590