1-Axis BLDC Motor Mounted Servo Controller/Driver with Encoder

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The TMCM-170 is a controller / driver module for high performance servo drives based on brushless DC motors. It gives a high resolution like a stepper motor coupled with the high dynamic, high velocity and high reliability of a BLDC drive. A built-in ramp generator allows parameterized smooth positioning, with an external switch in order to provide for an absolute position reference. Its small form factor allows direct mounting on or into a motorencoder assembly. The TMCM-170 integrates a position regulator and a ramp generator, to allow for velocity modes. The module can be remote controlled via an RS232, RS485 or via a CAN interface (ordering option).


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up to 10A coil current (contact to cooling plane might be required using gappad)
12V to 48V motor supply voltage
three phase BLDC motors from a few watts up to 500W, optional hall sensors
two or three channel encoder attached to mechanical axis min 256 steps resol.
velocity up to 100,000 rpm (el. fi eld)
CAN and RS232 or CAN and RS485
digital input for absolute pos. reference
servo drive allows ultra precise and fast positioning
automatic positioning ramp generation with all parameters changable on-the-fl y
different start-up modes for commutation
adaptable 256 entry 10 bit motor sine commutation table
high effi ciency, low power dissipation
integrated protection: reverse polarity, overload / overtemperature
stand-alone operation or remote controlled operation
PC-based demonstration software allows setting of all parameters
pluggable connectors for interface
RoHS compliant latest from 1 July 2006
diameter: 61mm (two stacked PCBs)


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