Laser Diode Controller

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The devices iC-VJ and iC-VJZ are control ICs for laser diodes. Control to the average of the laser current and integrated protective functions ensure save operation of the sensitive semiconductor laser. All required functions for the pulse operation of a CW laser are integrated: a power driver and monitor amplifier for direct connection of the laser diode, an oscillator for pulse repetition frequency generation, a start-up
and temperature protection as well as monitor and pulse repetition frequency outputs for synchronous control of a receiver circuit.

The laser power control is adapted to the laser diode used with an external resistor at ISET. The capacitor at CI determines the control time constants.

The oscillator operates with an external RC circuit in the range from about 10 kHz to 4 kMHz. The generated pulse duty factor is a stable 1:1; the oscillator frequency is reduced to 1/16th by the integrated divider.

An image of the laser diode current is output via MI. Output MI when connected with a low pass filter forms a voltage proportional to the average laser current. This voltage is output to MO via the integrated
voltage follower and is thus available for any applications. The Outputs PRF and NPRF supply the pulse repetition frequency complementarily to analogue levels (VCC / 2 ±0.75 Vpk) to be able to activate
high-speed ECL logic of a receiver circuit.

The IC contains protective diodes against ESD destruction, a thermal shutdown, plus a start-up circuit for the laser diode driver to protect the laser diode when the supply voltage is switched on.


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Averaging control of laser power
Complementary pulse repetition frequency output for ECL level
Integrated 16:1 divider for pulse generation in the kHz range
Integrated RC oscillator up to 4 MHz
Laser diode driver of up to 250 mA
Laser-current monitor with current or voltage output
Protective functions to prevent destruction of laser diode
Shutdown in case of overtemperature
Simple adjustment of the laser power via external resistor
Soft-start at power-on
Stable 1:1 pulse duty ratio

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