5V, Linear Hall-Effect Current Sensor with ±3% Accuracy Over Temperature

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The MCS1801 is a linear Hall-effect current sensor for AC or DC current sensing. The Hall array is differential, which cancels out any stray magnetic field.

A primary conductor with a low resistance allows current to flow close to the IC, which contains high-accuracy Hall-effect sensors. This current generates a magnetic field that is sensed at two different points by the integrated Hall-effect transducers. The magnetic field difference between these two points is then converted into a voltage that is proportional to the applied current. A spinning current technique is used for a low stable offset.

The galvanic isolation between the pins of the primary conductive path and the sensor leads allows the MCS1801 to replace opto-isolators or other isolation devices.

The MCS1801 requires a minimal number of readily available, standard external components. The device’s small footprint saves board area and makes it well-suited for space-constrained applications. The MCS1801 is available in an SOIC-8 package.


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