iC-Haus iC-MU150 DFN16-5x5

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iC-MU150 DFN16-5x5

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iC-MU150 (1.5 mm pole pitch) is an all-in-one, off-axis, magnetic position sensor featuring integrated Hall sensors with automatic signal conditioning and processing. The nonius scanning of two magnetic tracks (a master and a nonius track) is evaluated by two real-time-tracking sine-to-digital converters. Following power up and nonius computation, iC-MU150 provides incremental encoder quadrature signals with an index of any count up to 65,536 CPR and an output at an adjustable minimum edge distance. It also gives the absolute singleturn position with up to 18 bits per revolution through various serial interfaces (SSI, BiSS, SPI). Commutation signals for brushless motors with up to 16 pole pairs are derived from the absolute position and supplied through a 3-pin interface. The commutation starting angle can be preset. External counters can be supplied with pulse signals for cw and ccw or for step and direction. iC-MU150 captures full revolutions with its embedded 24-bit period counter and can thus supplement the position data output for data lengths of up to 38 bits. Optionally, using the multiturn interface the counter can be loaded following a reset by an external 12-bit multiturn sensor, for instance. The data is read and synchronized with the internal position data, and is cyclically checked during operation. A preset function permits the adjustment of the absolute position after encoder installation


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iC-Haus iC-MU150 DFN16-5x5
Part #: iC-MU150 DFN16-5x5
iC-Haus iC-MU150 DFN16-5x5