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Product ImageHS-100B USB Audio Codec improved on HS-100 with crystal-less designCmedia
Product ImageCM7001 ENC / AEC for HandsetCmediaDatasheet
Product ImageCM108B USB Audio Codec improved on CM108AH with crystal-less designCmediaDatasheet
Product ImageCM119B USB Audio Codec improved on CM119A with crystal-less designCmediaDatasheet
Product ImageCM6533N USB 2.0 Full Speed AudioCmediaDatasheet
Product ImageCM6533 USB 2.0 audio chip w/ integrated Tri-Colors PWM LEDCmediaDatasheet
Product ImageCM119BN Low Cost USB Audio Controller PC Internet PhoneCmediaDatasheet
Product ImageHS-100 USB Audio CodecCmedia
Product ImageALC262-VD2-GR 2ch HD Audio CodecRealtekDatasheet
Product ImageCM9882A 8CH HDA Codec (For CM6620/A or CM8828 Companion Chip)CmediaDatasheet
Product ImageCM6632A USB 2.0 High-Definition Audio ProcessorCmediaDatasheet
Product ImageCM118B USB Audio Codec with stereo mic, mic only mode, I2S out/I2C and crystal-lessCmediaDatasheet
Product ImageALC662-VD0-GR 5.1 Channel High Definition Audio CodecRealtekDatasheet
Product ImageALC5640-VB-CG Multi-Channel Audio Hub/CODECRealtekDatasheet
Product ImageCM6206 USB 7.1CH audio codec with Vista / W7 logo driverCmediaDatasheet
Product ImageALC5672-VB-CG Realtek ALC5672-VB-CGRealtekDatasheet
Product ImageCM6642 CM6642Cmedia
Product ImageCM108B-EVAL CM108B Eval KitCmediaDatasheet
Product ImageCM6533X1 USB 2.0 Full Speed AudioCmediaDatasheet
Product ImageCM118B-EVAL Eval Board for CM118BCmediaDatasheet
Product ImageCM119B-EVB CM119B Eval KitCmediaDatasheet
Product ImageALC105-GR 2.8W Class D Stereo Speaker AmplifierRealtek
Product ImageALC203-LF Advanced AC'97 Rev 2.3 Audio CODECRealtekDatasheet
Product ImageALC262-VC2-GR 2ch HD Audio CodecRealtekDatasheet
Product ImageALC269Q-VC3-GR 2ch HD Audio Codec (low power, full combo jack, 6x6 package)RealtekDatasheet