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Category: Audio CODECs
Manufacturer: Realtek
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ALC892-GR 7.1+2 Channel HD Audio Codec with Content ProtectionRealtekDatasheet
ALC5672-VB-CG Realtek ALC5672-VB-CGRealtekDatasheet
ALC262-VD2-GR 2ch HD Audio CodecRealtekDatasheet
ALC662-VD0-GR 5.1 Channel High Definition Audio CodecRealtekDatasheet
ALC105-GR 2.8W Class D Stereo Speaker AmplifierRealtek
ALC203-LF Advanced AC'97 Rev 2.3 Audio CODECRealtekDatasheet
ALC262-VC2-GR 2ch HD Audio CodecRealtekDatasheet
ALC269Q-VC3-GR 2ch HD Audio Codec (low power, full combo jack, 6x6 package)RealtekDatasheet
ALC272-VA4-GR 2ch HD Audio CodecRealtekDatasheet
ALC5611-GR AC'97 Audio Codec + Touch Panel ControllerRealtekDatasheet
ALC5623-GR I2S Audio Codec + Headphone AmplifierRealtekDatasheet
ALC5624-GR Handheld Multimedia I2S Audio CodecRealtekDatasheet
ALC5625-GR Dual I2S/PCM interfaces Stereo codecRealtek
ALC5627-GR I2S/PCM Stereo DAC + Multiple Analog InputsRealtekDatasheet
ALC5629-GR I2S/PCM Audio DACRealtekDatasheet
ALC5630-GR DUAL I2S/PCM interfaces Stereo codec with Voice DSPRealtek
ALC5631Q-GR Single I2S/PCM interfaces Stereo codecRealtekDatasheet
ALC5635-GR Single I2S/PCM interfaces Mono ADCRealtek
ALC5640-VB-CG Multi-Channel Audio Hub/CODECRealtekDatasheet
ALC5642-CG Hi-Fi Audio Single Chip with Voice/Sound DSP and CODECRealtek
ALC5658-CGT ALC5658-CGT, audio CODECRealtek
ALC5677-GRT Realtek ALC5677Realtek
ALC655-LF AC'97 Rev 2.3 Audio CODECRealtekDatasheet
ALC886-GR 8ch HD Audio CodecRealtek
ALC888S-VD2-GR 8ch HD Audio CodecRealtekDatasheet