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Image Part Number Description Manufacturer Price
SM750KE160000-AC Dual Display 2D Graphics Controller, PCIe, I-Temp, 16MB DDRSilicon MotionProduct Brief
SM768GE0B0000-AB High Performance 4K Graphics ProcessorSilicon Motion
DK750GX16PCP3-00 Osprey Visual IoT Embedded SolutionSilicon MotionProduct Brief
100 K00118 E2400 256MB MXMII RoHS EDG Module w FanAMD
100- 438204 AMD Embedded Radeon™ E8870 PCIe BoardAMDProduct Brief
100-437982 Radeon HD 5770 PCIe 2.1 x16 graphic BoardAMD
100-438110 Radeon E8860 PCIe® 2x DVI + mini DisplayPort FansinkAMDProduct Brief
100-438116 Radeon E8860 GPU PCIe 4x mini DisplayPort LPX FansinkAMDProduct Brief
100-438117 Radeon E8860 PCIe 4x mini DisplayPort LPX Low-power HeatsinkAMDProduct Brief
100-438148 E8860 2GB AES PCIe 5x mini DisplayPort FansinkAMDProduct Brief
100-438256 E6760 1 GB RoHs AES PCIe Board 2xDVI, mDP w/FanAMD
100-438257 E6760 1 GB RoHs AES PCIe Board 2xDVI, mDP w/HeatpipeAMD
100-438258 E6760 1 GB RoHs AES PCIe Board `DVI + Dual-Link DVI-I + mDP 1.2 w Heatpipe, for IGTAMD
100-438261 E6760 1 GB RoHs AES PCIe Board 6xmDP w/FanAMD
100-505634 AMD FirePro™ W7000AMDDatasheet
100-CG1291 AMD M690T SB600 Chipset and AMD M690E SB600 ChipsetAMD
100-CG1399 E2400-128MB-RoHS-EDG-ASICAMD
100-CG1820 Radeon E4690 Discrete GPU processorAMDProduct Brief
100-CG2261 Radeon E6460 Discrete GPU processorAMDProduct Brief
100-CG2514 E8860, ATI Radeon E8860 GPUAMDProduct Brief
100-CG2934 E6760 1GB RoHS MCM AESAMD
100-K00188 E8860 2 GB RoHs AES MXM 3.0 Type A HSNK for WMSAMD
100-K00247 AMD Embedded Radeon E9550MXM Type B ModuleAMDDatasheet
100-K00249 E6760 1 GB RoHS AES MXM 3.0 Type AAMD
100-K00253 E6760 6DP HSNK MXM WMS, for WMSAMD