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Product ImageBLE112-A-V1 BLE112 Bluetooth low energy single mode module with integrated antennaSilicon LabsDatasheet
Product ImageXPC100100B-01 xPico Device Server Module Extended Temp AES BulkLantronixProduct Brief
Product ImageXP1001000-05R XPort Embedded Device Server, Extended TemperatureLantronixDatasheetProduct Brief
Product ImageMP5002000-01 MP5002000-01 MatchPort® NR Embedded Ethernet Device ServerLantronixProduct Brief
Product ImageXPP1002000-02R XPort Pro RoHS Extended Temperature w/Encryption, Evolution OS, 16MB SDRAM - BulkLantronixProduct Brief
Product ImageXP1002000-05R XPort Embedded Device Server, Extended Temp, w/EncryptionLantronixDatasheetProduct Brief
Product ImageTMCM-110-42-232 1-Axis Motor Mounted Controller/DriverTrinamicDatasheet
Product ImageXP3002000-01R XPort AR Embedded Device Server and Network Processor ModuleLantronixDatasheetProduct Brief
Product ImageBLE112-E-V1 BLE112 Bluetooth low energy single mode module with U.FL connectorSilicon LabsDatasheet
Product ImageAG103D Intelligent Sealed Lead Acid Solar Battery Charger ModuleSilvertelDatasheet
Product ImageAG321T Silvertel - Qi compatible wireless power transmitter for 15W and 5W receiverSilvertelDatasheet
Product ImageAG5305 Ag5305 - Class 4 PDSilvertelDatasheet
Product ImageAg320R Ag320R 15W Wireless Power Receiver ModuleSilvertelDatasheet
Product ImageAG1160 5V Ringing SLICSilvertelDatasheet
Product ImageAG6400S Four Channel IEEE 802.3af & 802.3at PSE ModuleSilvertelDatasheetProduct Brief
Product ImageBLE112-N-V1 BLE112 Bluetooth low energy single mode module with 50 Ohm RF pinSilicon LabsDatasheet
Product ImageEBWT32-A WT32 Audio Evaluation BoardSilicon LabsDatasheet
Product ImageEV_MOD_CH201-00-01 Ultra-low Power Ultrasonic Time-of-Flight Range Evaluation Module with 45FoVInvenSenseDatasheetProduct Brief
Product ImageEVALAG15QiK 15W Wireless Power Evaluation KitSilvertelDatasheet
Product ImageIC-HG iCSY HG20M High-speed Module for SMD VCSEL ArraysiC-HausDatasheet
Product ImageiC-HG iCSY HG2M Module for C-Mount LASER diodesiC-HausDatasheet
Product ImageiC-HG iCSY HG8M High Speed Laser Module (TO)iC-HausDatasheet
Product ImageMO22AA003-01R Mircro125 Embedded Device ServerLantronixProduct Brief
Product ImageMP500200S-01 Matchport NR Embedded Ethernet Device ServerLantronixProduct Brief
Product ImageNL-AB-mPCIe Mini-PCI Express Adapter BoardNimbeLinkDatasheet