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Image Part Number Description Manufacturer Price
LE910SV1002T001 LE910-SV1 w/20.00.012TelitDatasheet
UE910NAD206T701 Telit UE910NAD206T701TelitDatasheet
HE910DAT206T701 HE910-D w/12.00.006TelitDatasheet
LE910NAG703T701 LE910-NAG w/17.00.503TelitDatasheetProduct Brief
GE910-QUAD (GE910QUD306T002) GE910-QUAD w/13.00.006TelitDatasheet
LE910EU1002T001 LE910-EU1 w/20.00.412TelitDatasheet
UE866EUR207T001 UE866-EU w/12.00.837TelitDatasheet
LTE910CF v3.0 CF Plug-In Series LTE910CF Terminal ModemJanusProduct Brief
UE910-GL (Limited Voice*) UMTS/HSPA penta band GSM/GPRS/EDGE quad band global variantTelitDatasheet
LE910NA2002T701 LTE Cat 4 Module for AT&T - LE910-NA-V2 w/20.00.502Telit
XBC-M5-UT-001 Global 3G cellular embedded modemDigi InternationalDatasheet
LTE910CFV1-0 CF Plug-In Series LTE910CF Terminal ModemJanusProduct Brief
3990150474 EVK2-LTE/GSM/GPRS/CDMA/UMTS (3G/4G) Evaluation KitTelitDatasheet
LEPCISV2002T001 LTE Cat 4 Module for Verizon - LE910-SV-V2 (PCIE + NO SIM card holder) w/20.00.502TelitDatasheet
3990250938 HE910 Interface BoardTelitDatasheet
UE910NAR206T701 Telit UE910NAR206T701TelitDatasheet
HE910GLR208T001 HE910-GL w/12.00.108TelitDatasheet
ENG3990251561 LM940 LTE CAT.11 MINIPCIE CARDTelit
UC/CC/GC INT BOARD (4990150470) UC/CC/GC Interface Board for Telit EVK2TelitDatasheet
CE910-DUAL-Sprint-004 CE910-DUAL-S CDMA/1xRTT module for SprintTelitDatasheet
3990251094 CL865 Interface Board - SprintTelitDatasheet
DEPCIDUA501T013 DE910-PCIE Mini PCIe Data CardTelitDatasheet
FCPT35167-FM-2K Cellular and 3G Puck Antenna. 2M RG-174 cable and FME-Female connector.Embedded Antenna D...Product Brief
FCPT35167-SM-1K Cellular and 3G Puck AntennaEmbedded Antenna D...Product Brief
FCPT35167-SM-2K CPT Cellular/3G Low Profile Puck Antenna Embedded Antenna D...Product Brief