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Category: Interface - Specialized
Manufacturer: iC-Haus
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Product ImageIC-DIQFN24 Sensor I/O with DC/DC SupplyiC-HausDatasheet
Product ImageIC-DNSOT23-6L Lowside SwitchiC-HausDatasheet
Product ImageIC-DPSOT23-6L Highside SwitchiC-HausDatasheet
Product ImageIC-JEEVALJE1D Eval. Board iC-JE (incl. 2 samples and relay)iC-HausDatasheet
Product ImageIC-JESO8 PWM Relay/Solenoid DriveriC-HausDatasheet
Product ImageIC-JRXPLCC44 µP Interface with 8x 24V High-Side DriversiC-HausDatasheet
Product ImageIC-JXMQFP52 16x 24V Highside Driver with µC InterfaceiC-HausDatasheet
Product ImageiC-MFN QFN24 8-Chan Fail-Safe N-FET Driver to 36ViC-HausDatasheet
Product ImageiC-MFP QFN24 8-Chan Fail-Safe P-FET Driver to 36ViC-HausDatasheet
Product ImageIC-MR3QFN48-7X7 13-Bit S&H Sin /Cos Interpolator with 2.5V/5V Controller InterfacesiC-HausDatasheet
Product ImageIC-NESO8 Light Chain Pulse ReceiveriC-HausDatasheet
Product ImageIC-NTSO8 Light Chain Pulse DriveriC-HausDatasheet
Product ImageIC-VRVPLCC44 Bidirectional P Interface to 24ViC-HausDatasheet