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Product ImageSi1133-AA00-GMR Optical Sensor Ambient 625nm, 525nm, 460nm I²C 10-WFQFNSilicon LabsDatasheet
Product ImageSi1141-A11-GMR Optical Sensor Ambient I²C 10-WFQFNSilicon Labs
Product ImageiC-PR4307 oQFN24-4x4 3-Ch. Reflective Encoder 43-72iC-HausDatasheet
Product ImageIC-TW11 QFN16-4X4 10-Bit Ultra Power Magnetic Absolute RotaryiC-HausDatasheet
Product ImageSi1153-AA09-GMR Optical Sensor Ambient, Gesture 525nm I²C 10-WFQFNSilicon LabsDatasheet
Product ImageiC-WJB SO8 2.7 V Laser Diode DriveriC-HausDatasheet
Product ImageNRF6936 Nordic Thingy:52 IoT Sensor KitNordic SemiconductorProduct Brief
Product ImageSENSOR-PUCK Silicon Labs Sensor PuckSilicon Labs
Product Image115XOPT-EXP-EVB 115XOPT-EXP-EVBSilicon Labs
Product Image4N35.SD OPTOCOUPLER 8 LEAD/SM T&RMISCDatasheet
Product ImageBIOMETRIC-EXP-EVB Biometric Sensor Expansion CardSilicon Labs
Product ImageEFM8BB31F16I-B-QFP32 Silicon Labs 16kB flash, 2.25 kB RAM, 12b ASilicon LabsDatasheet
Product ImageEFM8BB31F32I-B-QFP32R Silicon Labs 32kB flash, 2.25 kB RAM, 12b ASilicon LabsDatasheet
Product ImageIC-DXC3 DFN8 3X3 Universal Digital Sensor Input/Output Driver (3V)iC-HausDatasheet
Product ImageiC-LFM OBGA LFM1C 64x1 Linear Image SensoriC-HausDatasheet
Product ImageIC-LO EVAL L01D iC-LO Triangulation Sensor Eval BoardiC-HausDatasheet
Product ImageIC-LO OBGA L01C Fully Integrated Triangulation Sensor with Switching OutputiC-HausDatasheet
Product ImageiC-LQ OBGA LQ1C Pulse and AC Light SensoriC-HausDatasheet
Product ImageiC-LQ TO18-4F Pulse and AC Light SensoriC-HausDatasheet
Product ImageiC-LQ TO18-4L Pulse and AC Light SensoriC-HausDatasheet
Product ImageiC-LSC OBGA LS2C 12-Channel Active Photosensor Array Glass LidiC-HausDatasheet
Product ImageIC-LSCOBGALS2C-3R 12-Channel Active Photosensor Array On-Chip ReticleiC-HausDatasheet
Product ImageiC-LSHB OBGA LSH2C-4R Incremental Photosensor ArrayiC-HausDatasheet
Product ImageiC-LSHB oQFN32-5x5-2R Incremental Photosensor ArrayiC-HausDatasheet
Product ImageiC-LSHC OBGA LSH2C-1R 3-Channel Sin/Cos Photosensor ArrayiC-HausDatasheet