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Product Image4463CPSQ27F169 EU +27dBm low cost FET RF Pico BoardSilicon Labs
Product ImageCC-WMX6UL-KIT CONNECTCORE I.MX6UL DEV KITDigi InternationalDatasheet
Product ImageEVK1000 DecaWave DW1000 Two Way Ranging Evaluation KitDecaWaveProduct Brief
Product ImageM1-PROTOTYPING-SANDBOX-SILAB-R Medium One Prototyping Sandbox with SiLabs Thunderboard Sense 2 and Raspberry Pi 3Medium OneDatasheetProduct Brief
Product ImageMTMDK-ST-MDOT MultiConnect mDot Micro Developer KitMulti-TechDatasheet
Product ImageNL-SWDK Skywire Development Kit CDMA, GSM, Any CarrierNimbeLink
Product Image3990150586 EVK-SL869-ADR Evaluation KitTelit
Product ImageEKSHJNZWZ Evaluation Kit for EYSHJNZWZ: Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0 Module, On-board antenna, FCC, ISED, JAPAN C...Taiyo Yuden
Product ImageHOMEA-DEVTOOL-BN-IL.SET System Development Tool for DHANDSP GroupProduct Brief
Product ImageSLEXP8007A CPT007B - Touch, Capacitive Sensor Evaluation BoardSilicon LabsDatasheet
Product ImageSLWRB4306B Blue Gecko Bluetooth® Module +19 dBm Output Power Radio BoardSilicon Labs
Product ImageXBIB-CU-TH Development board - XBee3, USB-C, through-hole socketsDigi International
Product Image3990150603 SE868K7-AL Evaluation KitTelit
Product Image3990150604 EVK-SE868K3-A- Eval KitTelit
Product Image3990150621 RE866A1-NA Evaluation KitTelit
Product Image3990150630 WE866E4-P Evaluation BoardTelit
Product Image3990251165 LE910-EUG Interface BoardTelitDatasheet
Product Image3990251182 LE910 AT&T Interface BoardTelit
Product Image3990251587 BlueEVK+S42M Evaluation KitTelit
Product Image3990251654 BLUEDEV+S42/AI/ADC/LUA Dev KitTelit
Product Image3990251761 BLUEDEV+S50/AITelit
Product Image3990251777 LE910C1-NF firstnet/single skuTelit
Product Image3990251837 BlueEVA+S42/TWI+ASTelit
Product Image4455CLED-434-PER EZRadio 434MHz, +10dBm transceiverSilicon LabsDatasheet
Product Image4455CLED-868-PER EZRadio 868MHz, +10dBm transceiverSilicon LabsDatasheet